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Jan 9, 2013 6:00am EST
dodds frank? yeah. >> alan dodds frank -- >> you got an e-mail -- no, he's a cnn guy. i thought you were talking about him. i realized we hadn't talked about dodd-frank in a while. his name is alan dodds frank. so how that possible? he's a business correspondent. >> yeah. >> his name is dodd frank. that's like -- >> yeah -- >> like arm & hammer, isn't it? the guy bought arm & hammer because his name -- then we used to have a guy on all the time, named after the craft store. remember that guy? >> michael's? >> no, the other one. >> a.c. moore? >> yeah. a.c. moore on all the time. >> i don't remember. >> he did not buy -- he is at argus research, a.c. moore. we got to hire this guy. he could be an expert on -- >> all the time. >> we'll have alan dodd frank on -- >> dodd-frank, if it were repealed, would he have less value? >> he was repealed, i think. where is he now? i'm sorry. did that -- >> let's go -- >> those were my kleenex. stay away from them. >>> let's go across the bond. time for the "global markets report." kelly evans is standing by. is there a famous company or legal provision
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1